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Sickness Under One Roof...

A real story to help explain why families get sick one after another.

From the perspective of German New Medicine, Germanic Healing Knowledge, GHK

authored by deanna courtney,

Edited by Up Your Vibe Tribe members Amy & Michelle


January 3, 2022:

A 36 year mom scheduled a session to ease her fear that is being perpetuated by other members of the household. She is worried because she is short of breath and has body aches and is questioning whether there is something called Covid and if she has it. Knowing Germanic Healing Knowledge, she believes there is no dangerous virus, but with the pressure of 3 other adults under her roof, she is now doubting herself.

Our zoom session starts and we chat about her fears around Covid.

  1. I gave her a few insights on the contagion theory, the theory has been disproven many, many times, but it is just not making the news!

  2. The First Biological Law says that unexpected shocks start the process that is called a disease. The psyche perceives a shocking event, sends a message to the brain and organ—all three act as one trying to resolve the conflict and move through the healing phases~all perfectly designed. Every symptom that presents is either trying to resolve the conflict or repair the body after the conflict is over.

  3. The “Covid” Virus has never been isolated but if it were, per Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's 4th biological Law: The role of microbes says if viruses do exist they would be in line with the other microbes and would be called in after the conflict was resolved and in Healing Phase A. They are our micro surgeons~no copay, no denials!!!

  4. The PCR test? The developer and Nobel prize winner Kary Mullis, says the test is being interpreted wrong. In an old interview about AIDS, he commented ”if you do the PCR well, you can find almost anything in anyone. And it does not tell you if you are sick or if this thing was going to hurt you anyway.”

I summarized that she can’t give any-thing to any-one. Any symptoms are simply natural adaptation processes because of unexpected events. I gave her my website which I have created a special Covid 19 link to help dispel some of these common fears.

We continue with our session, now looking to ease her fears about the two symptoms.

I asked her what has been going on that has been stressful? She explained that the week before she had been heavily questioned by a family member about why she didn’t get the jab. She also has been really busy at work and is away from the house a bit more. And now with her symptoms, the other family members are putting pressure on her to get the PCR test, which she refuses. They think she has Covid and put her into isolation.

After a little more discussion of her bodily symptoms and stressors, I explained that it sounds like you have an active overwhelmed conflict going on. The difficulty breathing would be a conflict active phase symptom. I start to explain the goal is to try to resolve or, at least, downgrade the overwhelming situations. And as for the full body aches? That is the healing phase of a minor full body self devaluation. She explained how the intense conversations about the jab seemed to fit this theme. It was only a few wakeful nights until she got really good with her decision and went into healing. Now she just needs to trust the body and support herself as she moves through the aches and upcoming predictable fatigue from this short conflict.

While we were talking I could hear one of her daughters screaming from afar. She apologized and said “my daughter is crying for me. My mom and sister are telling her that she can’t come to see me because I am sick and I will get her sick." She tells me that her sister is primarily the one in the house that believes the fear mongering that is being perpetuated on the news. The sister happens to watch the kids during the day while she’s at work. Most of the time the television is on, “but I don’t really know what my daughter is seeing, hearing or interpreting.”

I explained: “Here is a perfect example of what might be blamed on something contagious but is actually the unexpected shock that your daughter is experiencing right now. She is down stairs and is crying for you, her mother, who has always been available to her while in the house. But now she is being told that mommy may get her sick! She can’t see you, smell you, touch you. This unexpected experience could create a DHS (Dirk Hamer Shock) or hit to her brain and start one or more Special Biological Programs. It is her psyche that will determine if and where the hit might be registered in the brain; but now it is her behavior that will give you the clues. If she is crying for you and her hands are cold, those are clues that she is in the conflict active state. We can’t tell where she gets a “hit” without going to get a CT scan of her brain. But you will know when you feel better; when you can see her, when you can touch her and things get back to normal, she will go into healing. As a right handed girl, if she felt separated from your hugs, she would get a rash on the inside of her left arm; if she felt scared, she would lose her voice or have symptoms of bronchitis or whooping cough; if she couldn't swallow the situation, a sore throat; and if she felt visually separated from you, then some eye issues. Those are just a few of the possible post resolution symptoms.

Mom understands and feels confident in her symptoms and this whole new process. We end our session.

On January 27, I received a request for another session. This time the three year old daughter has been going through some symptoms for 4-5 days now. We discussed the symptoms; they are lethargy, fever, snotty nose, coughing & most recently, both ears hurt. I explain that these are all post resolution symptoms of a stink/scent conflict, a scare or fear conflict, and some kind of verbal morsel conflict (I want to hear something, I don’t want to hear something). All are perfectly perfect healing phases after her conflicts are resolved.

We worked on creating a timeline. What resolved last Thursday or Friday when the symptoms showed up? She explained that her daughter went to a daycare for the first time on Friday, but it was only an hour and she had fun coloring. We discussed at length and there seemed to be no nervousness about going to daycare, no situation at daycare. I was confused for a bit, but then I remembered the crying child in the background the last time we had a session. I said, “Remember when we talked last and your daughter was downstairs crying for you? Is this the same daughter?" With her confirmation I felt confident that that experience was at least one of the shocks behind her current symptoms. I asked “near the end of last week, were you totally back to your “normal mommy self?” She confirmed. ’Mommy’s back’ seems like the resolution to her conflicts. Perfect timeline and the symptoms match up to their conflict theme!!”

We talked about how to support the child's symptoms through the day and by night; mainly by listening to what she is intuitively requesting, not forcing food or remedies. Your job is to love her and to prevent further unexpected shocks! Let her know she is healing up perfectly and you are here for her. Our session ended with a more confident mom.

Two days later she sent me a message saying "the one year old baby now has a fever and a snotty nose." My response back “think from the baby's perspective: what just resolved for the one-year-old that was a stink or scent conflict. Was the baby's life altered when you were taking care of the three-year-old? What was not normal for your 1 year old?”

She gave me some simple responses and said she understood what was going on and how to support her baby. She concluded her session being very appreciative for this knowledge and that she was not scared anymore and has 100% confidence her baby will be better in a day or two.

Germanic Healing Knowledge~a new paradigm…

We have to replace the idea that someone caught a cold or flu or specific virus! Instead, we need to remove the “disease name” and break it down to each specific symptom. We have to talk to each individual person to ask “what was going on in your world before your symptoms started.” For each symptom, there is a specific theme of a conflict. Conflict resolved brings the onset of symptoms. It always has to line up perfectly when you look from this perspective.

GHK is not a therapy but an understanding of how the body works.

When you understand the Five Biological Laws you will understand the importance of resolving conflicts sooner rather than later so you have less intense healing events.

When you understand your biology, you will learn ways to navigate symptoms as you move through these predictable phases of healing.

Sometimes a symptom creates a secondary conflict. A symptom that stops us from living our life or scares us may cause a secondary Special Biological Program to start. Feeling like “this stinks, because I’m sick and I can’t be with my family” or “I am so scared, why am I in all this pain?!” can cause a new conflict active phase while you are healing from the first. When you resolve the new conflict, you now have added symptoms such as a snotty nose or a swollen lymph nodes or a bronchitis or laryngitis that sometimes adds frustration of not getting back to normal. This can make sicknesses last longer than necessary and cycle round and round. The keys here are to understand that all symptoms have a purpose~to help you during a time of crisis! And it is also critically important to be patient with the process of healing.

Less than 10% of the time, does someone need medical intervention, GHK is not against medical intervention, we do however promote educating the patient and doing whatever the patient understands and wants as long as it is without fear and panic.

I encourage you to learn how the body operates now by beginning to study Germanic Healing Knowledge. Waiting until after a shocking and fearful diagnosis, then trying to figure out your body when you are panicked and being pressured to do other treatments usually does not bode well. Here is a link to get some basics on my “resources after first session” quick links to start learning GHK

The password is iamfree (all lower case)

Whatever you do today, do something to Up Your Vibe.

(My suggestion is turn off the television and replace it with learning Germanic Healing Knowledge.)

In Joy,



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