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Weekly  Calls & Group Coaching


Up Your Vibe Tribe community zoom    (complimentary!)

upyourvibetribe image.jpeg

11:11 am-12:12pm (NY time)
zoom link given to  members of the Tribe

(Deanna's zoom room ending 156) 

Deanna leads a fun interactive hour

~ Breathing/meditation

~ New tool or lesson

~ Discussion and shares about projects to keep us on our Soul's Mission.

GOAL: leave a higher vibration than you showed up by being supported and active,  downgrading any health issue/stress in your life.


UP Your Vibe Membership Offer
Welcome to the UP Your Vibe community and our new group coaching, where we dive deep into German New Medicine/Germanic Healing Knowledge (GNM/GHK) and transform our understanding of health and true wellness! Our weekly group coaching calls on Thursday evenings at 6 pm (NY time) are designed to help you unlearn the traditional medical and holistic models while integrating the powerful principles of the 5 biological laws into your life. The consistency of these calls and constantly gaining knowledge is a critical part of rewiring. You can show up and pay each week. However, I do encourage the monthly commitment for greater consistency and more efficient results. 

Membership Details:
Price: $111 per month
     Weekly community calls focused on learning and integration
     Submit a question prior even if you can't be there

     Receive personalized guidance week after week (replacing or supporting 1 on 1 coaching. )             Receive a recording of each call
     Support from like-minded individuals on your journey

     First access to exclusive resources and materials 

Our Five Pillars:

   100% Confidence in Your Body: Learn to trust your body's natural healing abilities and develop a deep sense of confidence in your health. Working through your symptoms and listening to the stories of others helps you gain MORE knowledge and confidence in your healing process. 

   Self-Care & Fun: Through lively discussions, we consistently explore enjoyable ways to take care of yourself, incorporating silliness and fun into your wellness routine. “Entertaining the Patient while the patient heals,” Dr. Hamer.

   Healthy Thought Patterns: Transform your mindset and cultivate positive thought patterns that support your well-being. During our calls, we cultivate awareness of our thoughts and the emotions they trigger, developing strategies to recognize and replace unhelpful thoughts with more beneficial ones.


   Community Support: Connect with a supportive community of individuals walking a similar path, sharing experiences, and insights. Learning GHK can be a lonely journey if you don’t have family that is willing. So, the value of this support is priceless.

Staying on Your Soul's Path: When you understand that (most often) your symptoms are healing, part of the strategy then becomes to get busy on your soul’s path and literally get so busy you will "walk right out of your symptoms!”

Here are some topics we'll delve into:

:Pain—good or bad
Self-devaluation and the creation of cellulite, chronic symptoms...
How to be prepared for routine tests like Mammography./blood tests… etc.

When to use your Doctor and how to prepare?
Dental pain is that healing too?
Arthritis-not just old age?
Foods… what to eat during appropriate healing phases
How to overcome fear of symptoms or a diagnosis
Childhood traumas

Should we forgive or forget?
How deep should we go to heal trauma
Journaling GNM style
Building your Healing toolkit
Topics are endless!

Join us on this transformative journey towards holistic health and vibrant living!
NOTE: If this Thursday time does not work for you, please advise some better times, as I will be adding more options as our community grows.


Sign up here for each class


COMING SOON...please inquire with Deanna

 Subject: A Playful Exploration of Poo

Duration: A three-hour class & recording.

Investment: $77


Hello, hello, hello!

Are your digestive struggles keeping you from achieving the perfect poo? 

Do you find yourself frustrated or dreaming of that perfectly formed stool? 


Believe it or not, you are not alone, and that's why I've created this very unusual but fun class!

Join us on (PENDING) for a unique and interactive Zoom class designed for those familiar with Germanic Healing Knowledge but still grappling with digestive issues. Whether it's constipation, watery poo, mucus messes, or unexpected blowouts, this event is tailored to Up Your Vibe!


Playful Exploration:

Our class is not your typical boring lecture; it's a playful dive into the fascinating world of what lands in the toilet. Get ready to laugh and learn as we study 30+ images of different types of poos, many with silly descriptive titles. You will find out:

  • What the story is behind "Oh, what a Relief it is" poo.

  • What happened the day before "Hot and Furious!" poo.

  • Lighten up with humor as we explore "Praying for a Good Poo!" poo.

  • We will talk about scenarios, discuss foods, the role of fiber, medication, and, of course, shocking events and emotions that start and continue the Special Biological Programs of the digestive system. All of these play a role in what you see in the loo.


Our expert, Deanna, had over 25 years of digestive issues and has had zero chronic issues since learning GNM/GHK back in 2012. Since then, she has coached hundreds of clients, spending a few years specifically coaching individuals with diagnosis' of Crohn's, Colitis, and other chronic digestive challenges. She'll share her insights, experiences, and tips to help you understand and better relax and confidently navigate what's going on inside your digestive system.

Interactive Experience:

This isn't a one-way street! *Share your own stories and pictures of your chronic poo before the event so Deanna can add them to her instruction. Also, have your personal questions ready for the Q & A Section. 



This is a chance to connect with others, gain knowledge, and have a few laughs together. What we will do is "lighten up" the topic, which is a big piece of getting back to balance. Deanna’s goal is to  provide enough information and new perspectives that it will help you get to the finish line

Call to Action:

Are you ready to turn your bathroom frustrations into understanding and maybe a little laughter?

  • Prioritize (PENDING DATE)

  • Time:  (PENDING TIME)

  • Zoom Link upon registration

  • Invest $77

  • Don't miss this opportunity to demystify your digestive struggles and have a good laugh along the way! RSVP now, and let's make your journey to perfect poos a fun and educational adventure.

See you there!



*OPTIONAL: Share your digestive journey with us! Upon registration, send in your story and a picture of your common poo that gives you frustration, and let's make this class a truly interactive experience. Of course, no names will be shared unless you approve and want to be used as an example during class.

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