Rates and Guarantee

{Guarantee ~ I am so confident about this process, if you do not feel that I have helped you, or that GNM is not right for you at this time, we can extend the session or I can process a complete refund for your first session.}

10 minute overview ~ complimentary 
25-minute session~$33 
1. Understand the "why" behind your symptom 
2. Discuss predictable symptoms to come  
60-minute session ~  $66 
1. Understand the 'why' behind your primary symptom 
2. Remove/reduce fear 
3. Discuss predictable symptoms to come
4. Discuss how to magnify your healing potential
After our first session, I can offer you other customized packages that are very user-friendly and even more economical.
M-F "Tribe" Zoom Call ~ $111 (suggested donation monthly)
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"I have known Deanna for a few years now and have been following her GNM work on facebook. I got a shocking diagnosis and called from the parking lot of the Dr's office. She calmed me down and we set an appointment for the next morning. During our session, she explained the GNM perspective and I bought a package thinking that I would need more help understanding. I ended up not scheduling anything because I really did understand and was not fearful anymore. Deanna sent me a message checking in on me and wondering if I wanted a refund or keep it on the account. I forgot to answer and she followed up one more time and asked for my address so she could send a check for the balance of $184.  Now that's an honest gal!"   EL~NY
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25-minute session  $  33.33
60-minute session $   66.66
4-hour package      $240.00
9-hour package      $495.00
33 hours 33 days $1452.00*

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*This offer is for the student that has had a few sessions with Deanna already! Deanna only accepts one of these 'focused healing' packages a month.