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Training & Experience

I am a self-motivated learner. For the last 30 years, have spent thousands of hours and  tens of thousands of dollars studying  theories of  'natural healing.' 

Knowledge is Power ~ let me teach you


Training & Experience:




German New Medicine Seminars 2014 & 2016, including attendance of the International GNM Conferences in Austria and Canada, with Caroline Markolin, Ph.D., author of the website


Mentored by Dr. Alvin DeLeon 2014-2017



Basic & Advanced Light Energy Course 2014: North Carolina 


Energetix College of BioEnergetic Medicine: Advanced EAV Techniques Clinical Tools & Healing Strategies ~ 5  part sessions totaling 100 hours: The College is an accredited and board certified. 2008 & 2011

Instructor  & mentor Dr. Robert Cass, ND with 26 years of experience using EAV equipment


Unlocking the Mysteries of Homeopathy

Distance Learning Accredited Course

  • How and why homeopathy is a useful and successful method of assisting the body

  • Use and function of nosodes, sarcodes, isodes, flower remedies and polycrest

Autism workshop

7-hour workshop on causative factors (chemical, vaccinations, genetic, nutritional, emotional…) natural healing strategies specific to healing touch, detoxifiers, nutritional…etc










Over 30 hours of online webinar training, some topics include: 


  • pH Modulated Cloaked and Chronic Infections, Dr. Ricardo Boye, ND, CNC                                                             

  • The Forgotten Spleen: Essential for Optimal Metabolic/Immune Function, Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, DiHom, LAc                    

  • Your Mouth: The Gateway to Health, Dr. Michael Margolis, DDS                                                                           

  • Thyroid Functions and Disorders,  Dr. Paula Rochelle, RN, ND                                                                                

  • Asthma and Other Atopic Childhood Diseases,  Millicent Holliday, RN, ND                                                       

  • Unraveling ADD/ADHD and Childhood Diseases,  Millicent Holliday, RN, ND                                                  

  • Gut Associated Immune Response/Autoimmune Response, Dr. Paula Rochelle, RN, ND                                       

  • Vitamin D3/K,   Dr. Robert Cass, ND                                                                                                                                 


Awards, Certificates and Degrees

  • Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce New Business of the Year 2009

  • Earned Certified Teaching Assistant Certification 2008

  • Kiwanian of the Year 2006

  • Received Governor Pataki’s Domestic Violence Courage Award for Advocacy 2004

  • Domestic Violence Employee of the Year 2002

  • North Country Community College Liberal Arts Degree Graduated with honors on Deans list each semester 1999


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