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Deanna's Story

Does anyone have a cupboard that looks like this? This is only a portion of the remedies that I took out when I was trying to figure out how much money I have spent on trying to heal myself. I calculated well over $1000 products to help my digestive health, breathing and back pain. Little did I know I was putting my money in the wrong place.

I am nearly 50 years old and have been studying natural healing for close to 30 years. I have taught about toxins in the home, have learned about many different healing modalities, technologies, invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on training with many leaders in holistic healing. I was taught:

  • Toxins cause disease.

  • Detoxifying your body removes toxins so then you get better.

  • Bad foods cause disease. If you change your diet, you can heal anything.

  • Things like yeast, bacteria & virus’ cause sickness we have to kill them to get better.

  • If you have a strong immune system you don’t get sick.

In the last 8 years, since opening my business Activate Wellness Naturally, I have really focused studies on many holistic ways--I was hopeful and confident that I could help anyone get to the root of their issues. But yet 2 years ago, there I was with cupboard full of remedies and still with belly gas and bloating, arthritis in my hands, a really sore back, skin issues, breathing difficulties just to name a few of my 14 chronic symptoms.

Also in 2012, this is what my partner Ed looked like...

After Ed received a very shocking initial diagnosis of stage 4 throat cancer. I went on a massive search of the internet. I happened upon a website called This site shared 40 years of scientific discoveries that explained the disease process. “A complete scientific system that allows us to identify the causes of diseases, accurately predict their development, and recognize symptoms that indicate healing.” This was what I had been looking for ~ German New Medicine.

I first read the story of the German Doctor, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, which goes a little like this: In the 70’s the newly practicing medical Doctor received a call in the middle of the night that his son had been shot. After nearly 3 months of hospitalization, his son Dirk passed away. It took Dr. Hamer by surprise when a couple months later he discovered he had testicular cancer. He wondered if there was a some correlation between his sons’ death and his cancer. Ironically, the Doctor was working in Oncology at that time so he started interviewing different people with different types of Cancers. He asked them what was going on in their life before they found their particular symptom. He started seeing "themes' to each type of cancer. His type of testicular cancer was about a ‘sudden loss of a child.' Because of his education, he knew there was a brain/organ correlation and started ordering and examining each a CT brain scan. He noticed that all people with, for example, lung cancer, had a peculiar marking on a particular part of the brainstem. The mark would some times look like a “target mark” (it looked like the ripple effect of throwing a pebble in a calm pond) sometimes the spot looked darker, and in some people t would look white.

Dr. Hamer discovered that all symptoms in the body (with the exceptions of being poisoned) were as a result of some sort of unexpected shock/conflict!) And each body organ was controlled by a precise part of the brain. You can see these white marks on this scan of the brain. Over the course of Dr. Hamers' studies of over 40,000 patients, he was able to map out the entire psyche/ brain/body connection.

Conflict theme-->brain location-->body part

Here are just a few examples of the many Special Biological Programs that run in your body

  • Death fright-->brain stem-->lung

  • Indigestible Morsel-->brain stem-->digestive tract

  • territorial fear-->cerebral cortex-->bronchial mucosa

  • Brutal Separation-->sensory cortex-->Epidermis

  • Self Devaluation-->Cerebral medulla-->lymph, muscle or bone depending on how intense!

These discoveries are well documented in the “5 Biological Laws.” You can go right to Youtube and watch a 7 part series presented by one of my teachers Caroline Markolin, Ph. D.

Here is a summary of a few points of the 5 Biological Laws (in simple terms.)

  • when an unexpected shock happens, the “Psyche” determines the “conflict type” and therefore where it impacts the brain with a target mark.

  • the psyche, brain and body all go thru the healing at the same time and ALL 3 must heal to complete the Biological Program.

  • the organism always goes through two phases of healing provided the conflict is resolved.

  • there are helpful bacteria, fungi, yeast that come to the aid when our body needs them

  • Every so-called disease is part of a Significant Biological Special Program of Nature created to assists an organism (humans and animals alike) during unexpected distress.

After watching this series of video's my head was spinning. I continued on reading and studying a good deal of the free material on the website. I immersed myself in this fascinating science for about 50 hours the first week-I could not get enough.

I started questioning my modality and techniques I had been using in my business. I started writing down and questioning all the medical theories I had been taught. What I had been taught wasn’t all wrong, but there was a foundation that was missing.

After the first week of intense study, I was now making sense of my sudden onset of 11 different symptoms when I was a young teen and also another 10+ symptoms in my mid 30’s after a very traumatic series of events. I started making sense of my children’s sicknesses, my father’s heart attack, my friend’s Alzheimer’s, it all made perfect sense! I now also understood why the $1000 of remedies were not working.

I was so excited about learning these basics, that I really felt it could help Ed understand his current lump on the side of his neck. We had done quite a bit of work learning about 'natural" treatment options as well as allopathic, so at this point Ed had developed a plan he really felt good about. I wanted to respect Ed's plan and did not push any of these new findings on him. I put German New Medicine on the back burner for nearly a year. Ed took only 4 months of focused treatments to get thru what ended up being Non-Hodkins Lymphoma. When our family recovered from the 'ride of cancer', I remembered "OH....German New Medicine!" I was ready to learn and start seeing if this really was the answer I had been looking for.

I hired my mentor Dr. Alvin DeLeon, a doctor of Chiropractic. specializing in teaching German New Medicine to help me get thru the healing of my long list of symptoms. First the digestive track! With one session, Dr. Alvin taught me the A,B,C's of Healing and I got to work. Within a day, i started being able to eat, many foods that caused my pains and within a week, I was 90% better. Now as I sit typing, I have no gas, no bloating, and no pain during or after eating foods. YEAH! I can eat what I want!

Over the course of the next year, we focused on one symptom at a time and kept fine tuning those chronic symptoms. Numb hands; breathing challenges, thick throat, we kept focused on one symptom at a time and over the first year and cleared up many unwanted symptoms.

In the fall of 2014, I traveled to the Annual Conference in Austria for an intensive 8 day event. This truly was an amazing trip. Intense learning, but I could not get enough. This is me after an refreshing, exhilarating adventure thru the Salt Mines in Saltzburg, Austria.

What I have learned is that this German New Medicine,IS the answer I have been looking for. Over the last year, I have seen these 5 Biological Laws work in my family, friends, and my animals...I see it on Facebook! I feel so blessed to have this information and want to unshackle the many people who fear disease or have chronic conditions with no answers.

Personally, I have my list of symptoms down to just a few that are a little tricky because I have had them so long. I know when I keep doing anything that feeds the mind, body or spirit I will get closer and closer to living a chronic symptom-free life. Join me in the journey to understanding how amazing the body is.


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