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So you are Pregnant,

 how exciting!!! 

Like a caterpillar that turns to a chrysalis that turns into a perfect butterfly, your baby is ready to do the same.
Your body knows what to do, it really is soooo simple!
~keep your environment as joyful, calm and peaceful as possible
~the best nutrition you can afford
~keep a positive mindset
~Try to be in predictable environments

Think about it. You have a little life in you that feels all your emotions. Within the first couple of months is fully formed. This perfect creation can hear all that you hear but can not see. Picture yourself in a womb experiencing life through feelings and hearing only. What environment do you want to be in?

Fetus' need to hear mom's heartbeat at all times!

~Your baby feels fear

~Your baby can get scared

~Your baby can feel every emotion you do. 

Fetus' get scared



"This is not the   time to go to a Disco"
 Caroline Markolin.

What environment do you want to give your perfect little creation


This is a German Video with English subtitles that explains more about gaining confidence in the Natural Birthing process
Heading 6

Prenatal Care?

So what about Vaccinations?

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