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Do you believe in the Germ Theory?

What if there was a new understanding of the body that would make sense of why it seems that virus’ are so dangerous.

What if there was a new chapter for the book, Biology101? And what if in that chapter it showed how microbes and virus’ have been just a little bit misunderstood? Would that concept make you curious?

Here are some other highlights of what would be in that book:

~ Unexpected shocks start the "Disease" process.

~ The Law of two phases; the cold phase and warm phase

~ Evolutionary conflicts created amazing adaptation processes in the body

~ Microbes are on board and our little micro surgeons

~ The Quintessence! (fancy word huh? the summit to find out)

If so what if this information was free to review, and all it took was as much time as it takes to watch a good movie?

Most people that finally get this information say something like, I wished I had known this before I got diagnosed or when my children were young.

Watch this one minute video highlighting our Summit:

SOOO…. I encourage you to put this in the calendar right now

Schedule it in as if you are scheduling a trip to the ER!

REGISTER now, I know this can help you understand this whole 'mask' thing so much better.


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