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A Twitch or Seizure: A Mom And Her Chocolate Dog

Lola calls Deanna in the afternoon: "It's so weird, I had a twitch in my right leg, specifically the lower calf and achilles area today. What's that all about?”

DEANNA: Oh, this is a cool healing event Lola!

There was a scenario in the last 24 hours where those specific muscles that are started twitching couldn’t do their jobs. Like you were trying to do something and those your leg couldn't move and those muscles specifically were not strong enough to perform the task.  In the German New Medicine (GNM) terms, these are two Special Biological Programs, one has a 'Stuck' conflict theme and the other is in the category of a 'Self Devaluation' conflict. Which simply means I’m not strong enough, something is wrong with this area, or 'I am less than'.

Here's a story that will help you understand what I mean:

The first time I realized this Special Biological Program (German New Medicine (GNM) language), I was helping a friend move a couch up a steep staircase. I was at the bottom holding the heavy bulky couch and my right foot was a step down from my left and as i was trying to get to the next step, I couldn't and laughed with my friend saying "I'm stuck!" I literally felt stuck and also felt where I was weakest was the achilles. When, I finally figured out how to move to the next step and the next 15 stairs, the conflict was over. Immediately, that achilles started a natural repair phase of filling and replenishing the ‘broken down tissue’ throughout the day. This healing phase went unnoticed until the peak of healing which happened later in the evening when my achilles started twitching. This was the new tissue trying itself out for the first time. Because the conflict of being stuck on the stair, was short and not intense, I experienced minor twitching that lasted a couple minutes. That twitching muscle was rebuilt and now stronger and more capable of doing that same couch-carrying duty again~just in case i decide to start a moving business ;).

LOLA: ooooo...Ok…I get it! And I know my story:

Yesterday I was vacuuming up high, trying to get onto a chair at the same time I was lifting the vacuum. I remember for about 5-10 seconds that I was stuck and not strong enough to get on the chair. I remember feeling that exact muscle and said to myself, “Come on, you can do it!!!”

DEANNA: Well, that's a neat little story to give you another bit of confidence that your body is always trying to improve you! Thanks for calling me to gain insight! Keep understanding your amazing body and call me anytime. We will talk soon!

A couple weeks later Lola sent me a video of her dog with the text message “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BABY?”

DEANNA: Texted back “let’s talk.”

LOLA calls: After exchanging greetings, she says, “So what is wrong with my baby?”

DEANNA: Nothing is wrong, first and foremost! So let's just take a moment to Breathe!

You see how just her mouth is shaking. This tells me Quinn had a stuck conflict involving her mouth. What has gone on where she got her mouth stuck in something. Remember our conversation about the vacuuming twitch, I'm stuck and not strong enough to get on the chair? ...its the same thing. This bigger movement called a focal seizure is simply a longer and more intense conflict witch naturally has more movement in that peak of healing.


DEANNA: Yes, did you see her experience anything yesterday that would fit this stuck theme?


LOLA: Ohhhh, Yes…. Yesterday late afternoon I was throwing an Aerobe (a frisbee with no middle) to Quinn, and occasionally she would go play with it by herself. At one point, I looked over and saw that she had gotten her leg and mouth stuck in the middle of it (unexpected event/conflict). I’m not sure how long she was stuck in it, but I went over and helped her get unstuck (resolve).

DEANNA: That makes complete sense. So Quinn had a “my mouth is stuck and i'm not strong enough to get out” conflict. So now look again at the video: you can see exactly where her face is shaking. Those specific muscles were the ones that needed to be stronger. Her muscles are now getting stronger than they were yesterday—just in case she gets stuck again! The biological purpose of this adaptive program is to strengthen muscles! How beautiful is that!

LOLA: Yeah beautiful...(she was not convinced) but I’m really scared! This has been going on for about an hour now…on and off… twitching for 30 seconds, then a couple of minutes will go by. Why isn’t it stopping? What can i do? I feel bad doing nothing!

DEANNA: Well, Making her comfortable as she moves through this is most important:

 #1Breathe and trust this process. Animals and their owners can get conflicts with and for each other. So try to simply be the witness this amazing process so you can prevent any symptoms after she gets through this.

#2 Stay close to her. Know that this seizure does not hurt, but the jerky movement is probably confusing or scary to her. Today would be a good funny movie day with you relaxing and her on your lap.

#3 The next symptoms are predictable. What will happen in the next hour or two is the movement will get less and less and further time apart between seizures until the tissue is totally repaired. Then Quinn will be more tired~this is normal. Keep her food and water close by. She may not eat until she is rested enough to. This is all the normal process of the Healing Phase B.

Deanna: are you confident Lola--you can support her through this?

Lola--Yes, I now know what is going on...Thank you Deanna!


Lola reported the next day that within the next 2 hours, the focal seizures became less and less and finally Quinn was indeed tired. They slept on the couch together all night. The next morning Quinn woke up with her usual excitement and energy and had her appetite back. Later that afternoon Lola had a little cough that quickly came and went (a healing event from a scare or fear in the territory.)


This quick 15 minute phone session prevented a huge amount of future fear, worry conflicts for Lola and prevented unnecessary fearful trips to the vet, being stabbed, tested being held down...(more stuck conflicts) for her chocolate pup. This knowledge and support saved Lola a few hundred/ thousand dollars in vet bills and possibly a life time of beliefs that she had "seizures" and where medications would be the solution.


Knowledge is Power!!! Learn German New Medicine sooner than later and while your healthy so you can trust your body and manage ANY symptom with complete confidence!

Get support by joining our Up Your Vibe Tribe ~ A conscious community learning and applying GNM (also known as Germanic Healing Knowledge) to this very interesting experience here on earth. ;)

You are not alone any more!


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