May 2020
 Updated Hours & Membership Program
Join Us in Our Zoom Room M-F 11:11 AM - 1:11 PM EST

We will share in conversation about but not limited to:

  1. Understanding your new symptom, sickness or diagnosis (GNM Perspective)

  2. Help resolve or downgrade conflicts ASAP (True Prevention!)

  3. Discover and stay on track for your Soul’s Purpose

  4. Community support (celebrate & accountability)

  5. “You Are Safe & No Fear Here Zone”

  6.   Learn and gain confidence in GNM by listening to real-life stories

  7.   Save money in so many ways

Membership-daily $11 or monthly $111 (suggested donation by honor system)

Members can call in each day M-F to just ask a quick question or listen in for the whole time. Anyone that has private matters can schedule a one-on-one session with Deanna for $66 an hour or select a package.

Example: 5/4/20:

6 of us were on the call

  1. We helped a couple of people understand their new symptoms. 

  2. We discussed our collective conflict of living in the world of the Virus and the stresses that each of us was experiencing.

  3. Deanna educated on 'the aggressive constellation.'

  4.  We discussed  animals & conflicts as one member was adopting a ferret.

  5. Everyone had similar challenges and found out they were not alone.

During this call, one woman took a bath (NO VIDEO! haha), one cleaned and prepared an amazing meal for her loved one, and one went to the store…all while participating, learning, helping another, and being part of our Up Your Vibe Tribe of like-minded peaceful individuals. 

If you are feeling alone and misunderstood, this might be your place!


I invite you to join our Up Your Vibe Tribe for a day, the month or for the year. 

We are here to Empower Your Soul's Journey


 Up Your Vibe Tribe
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