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What an Up Your Vibe Message!

Up Your Vibe Tribe
It's a fun, unique clinic, classroom & support group
for our GNM friends.
Join Our Zoom Room Monday's 11:11 AM - 12:11 PM EST

 Call in: 

  • with a new symptom to assist with quick healings

  • to get help to resolve or downgrade conflicts ASAP

  • to discover and stay on track for your Soul’s Purpose 

  • for Community support (celebrate & accountability)

  • to learn and gain confidence in your body by listening to real-life stories as Deanna helps daily callers.

  • and save time, money, energy.


Complimentary with Deanna's 9 hour package

suggested donation by honor system (no billing)

daily $11

weekly $44

monthly $111 

Members can call in each day or only when they need it.  They can stay the whole time or just hop on and hop off as their schedule allows.  All health topics are discussed from the German New Medicine  perspective which simply put 'Your body is NOT broken, but just going through natural processes of healing.' 

Never heard of German New Medicine?  You can read my story to understand just why I am passionate about this empowering model and why this new model will change your life for the better.


Example of our Tribe call on 5/4/20:

6 of us were on the call...

  1. We helped one member with her new allergy symptoms and one with knee pain

  2. We discussed our collective conflicts of living in the world of the 'COVID 19 Virus' and the stresses that each of us was experiencing.

  3. Deanna educated on 'the aggressive constellation'.

  4. One member was actively adopting a ferret, so we discussed the possible "healing events" he could have.

  5. All members had a higher vibration at the end of the call!

During this call, one woman took a bath (NO VIDEO! haha), one cleaned and prepared an amazing meal for her loved one, and one went to the store…all while participating, learning, helping another, and being part of our Up Your Vibe Tribe of like-minded peaceful individuals. 

If you are feeling excited about learning GNM 

Its the greatest value and support you will find!


I invite you to join our Up Your Vibe Tribe

We are here to Empower Your Soul's Journey



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 Up Your Vibe Tribe
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