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Up Your Vibe with Deanna and the Tribe... 

For me, I love prioritizing this because it helps me know that i am not alone...A little fun, a little focus. it is my get my week off to a good start and truly Ups My Vibe. DC~NY 

"My week starts off in a great Vibe way!

I need it! "

MF~ Michigan, USA

I always learn something new each tribe call! Even if I don’t feel like joining it’s always worth it. I never regret chatting with the tribe, because it always “ups my vibe. AG~ Kentucky, USA

Up Your Vibe Tribe is about connection!
It's a fun, unique clinic, classroom & support group
for our friends passionate about learning Germanic Healing Knowledge 
Opportunities to connect with other like minded people:
Telegram & Facebook Groups: insightful conversation, positive meme's and invitations
Zoom Meetings Monday Morning 11:11 AM NY time
NEW 1/24! Up Your Vibe Map shows GNM'er worldwide


Join our complimentary Monday Up Your Vibe Tribe Gathering 

  • for tools like Breath work... each week we take time out to simply breathe...sometimes a new technique sometimes just quietness and breath

  • for community support (celebrate & accountability)

  • to get help to resolve or downgrade conflicts ASAP

  • to discover and stay on track for your Soul’s Purpose 

  • to learn and gain confidence in your body by listening to real-life stories.

  • You will Up Your Vibe!!!

Never heard of German New Medicine?  You can read my story to understand just why I am passionate about this empowering model and why this new model will change your life for the better. 

If you are feeling excited about learning GNM 

Our Tribe is a great support!


I invite you to join our Up Your Vibe Tribe

We are here to support & empower Your Soul's Journey



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 Up Your Vibe Tribe
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