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In less than 3 hours, our goal is to offer some new information to allow a broader perspective of the COVID Virus, testing, masks, vaccine and overall health.
MY goal is to 'Up Your Vibe' by empowering you to to ultimately remove fear of the virus (and all other diseases) by providing you with resources so you can make the best decision that promotes  your natural state of vibrant health.
These are NEW  perspectives for an open your mind.
Learn to listen to your gut!
Do not give it away~please
Virus Mania
  • watch this 1 hour lesson
  • Read Virus Mania​ by Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Köhnlein
The GNM PERSPECTIVE according to the 5 Biological Laws
The Forth Biological Law discusses the Helpful role of microbes. Dr. Hamer always said that, if Virus's do exist, they would be just like bacteria, yeast, fungi--helpful micro surgeons. 
To learn more:
Read the 5 Biological Laws
Watch the 5 Biological Laws:
Exosome & The GNM Perspective (now this is getting fun!) 
Soooooo, are virus's the dangerous thing we have been told? 

More on the Contagion Theory...

Has it ever been proven?

Koch's Postulates (search)
GNM Perspective and the 5 Biological Laws:
The First Biological law shows that unexpected shocks start the "disease" process
THe Fifth Biological Law states "Every so-called disease is part of a Significant Biological Special Program of Nature created to assists an organism (humans and animals alike) during unexpected distress."
Learn more by going to
SOOOOO if this is the truth is anything CONTAGIOUS? 
(Maybe Fear or Joy! :) 

Understanding the PCR Test...

Take 2 minutes to listen to the inventor of the PCR Test Kary Mullis (RIP)

GNM Perspective according to the 5 Biological Laws:
When you understand how your body is working you don't need to test for microbe activity because it is not the cause of disease. Microbes are an active part of the bodies healing process.
Are fire trucks the cause of fire's?
Are ambulances the cause of an accident? 
SOOOOOO... if this is the Truth do we need a PCR TEST?

Are masks safe, effective or necessary

Take 16 minutes and listen to Dr. Michael Gaeda 

GNM Perspective and the 5 Biological Laws:
Masks can be dangerous depending on the person and their perception of the "Biological Conflict!"
If your (PSYCHE) perceives it as you can't breathe, or this is going to kill me~
--you WILL have a symptom when the stress is OVER!
The symptom is is the repair process!)
SOOOOOO... if this is the Truth, do you really need a mask?

Why are people getting sick and dying?

Over 160,000 people die every day, and people have been dying every day since the beginning of time. Media is fear mongering short and sweet. If the media (follow the money) can get the masses fearful and pitting one against another, they can tell you what to do.
Over 100 Doctors came together to speak up for you!
The GNM perspective and understanding the 5 Biological Laws is really is the only health model that proves why you get sick.   The Five Biological Laws shows that the "disease" process starts with an "unexpected shock." During this time there are purposeful adaptations to the brain & organs of the body. These formerly called  "diseases are now healing symptoms.  The more shocks, the longer and more intense they are,  the more intense the healing phases are.
We are only sick because we have unexpected shocks. 
SOOOOO...when you understand your body better AND remove fear of dying you will start living as we were designed to live~Breathing fresh air , connecting with family and friends and following your passions. 

Are Vaccinations necessary, or safe?

Check out Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
-scroll down & look at the graphs showing fevers, muscle/joint pains--nearly 50% of participants after the second dose~YIKES!

Break out - it's a Trap

From fear to love in 20 minutes

4 steps to take to regain your freedom:

1. Turn off media & replace with Citizen journalism

Canada: Rebel News:
London Real:
Everything COVID...
One Hour--learn about vaccines

2. Take a course in GNM

German New Medicine: (self study)
Talk to Deanna about working with her.

3.Learn Your Rights

4. Take off your masks and start living again.
A note from Deanna:
In 20 years when my great grand child asks me
"Nanni, what did you do in 2020 when the pandemic was going on?"
I will hold his/her sweet face and say,
"I was fighting for you."