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Ask and You Shall Receive

I have been practicing a lot on this idea of "getting clear with my needs and asking for help." Here is my story today: About 6 weeks ago I lost a little zero point energy disc from a company called Amega. I had been using the disc to assist my body during the repair process of a few moles I have. The last time I saw it, it was in the middle of a piece of medical tape on the side of my dresser. When I realized it was not there, I looked all around, emptying the drawers, taking a good amount of time to deep clean all the nooks in crannies in case it fell off the tape and took a long roll. I moved everything! Nothing… I’ve been haunted by this disappearance for quite some time!

…so yesterday, I said to myself. “Well, Deanna you have not 'gotten clear' and asked for Help yet.” I took a deep breath, relaxed and said, “Ok God, I need some help please. Can you help me find my little Zero Point energy tab. I really need to keep experimenting to see how my body likes it on this funny little skin thing here on my leg. And just so you know God, the more I know about how these assist the body, the more I can help others. I appreciate your help, Thank you God."

I went on with my day.

This morning, I was on the phone with a friend when I decided I needed a pair of warmer pants. While he was on the phone with me, I opened up the top drawer of my dresser, and said to him, "oh yeah, there are some pj's I have not worn in a while!" I pulled out my warm comfies’ and there, stuck to the bottom leg was my zero point energy disc! Hanging in the middle of that same piece of tape-just waiting for me!

“Thank you God!!!!”

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