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Lola gets a New Job and a BIG Finger

Lola gets a New Job

My friend Lola calls and says, “I had the craziest thing happen yesterday.”

Deanna: Well, do tell, I love crazy!

Lola: I just came in from the garden and was making lunch for a lady I care for and all of a sudden my finger started swelling, it grew to twice the size. Then this intense pain started in my finger tip and shot up my arm to my shoulder. I thought maybe I got stung by something, but could not see any sting mark. I started to panic and then it even got bigger. At one point I felt like my finger was going to spit open. I showed the little lady I work for and she went to her cupboard and wanted to give me any number of 20 different topicals to put on it! I just laughed and decided to grab some ice and trust this process you have taught me. Later another job it became numb and a few hours later I realized that my finger was back to normal.

Deanna: Wow…that is Crazy. So what do you think?

Lola: I don’t know?

Deanna: So do you want to look at the German New Medicine perspective?

Lola: Well yes, I was hoping you would know.

Deanna: The healing symptoms you describe starting with the redness, pain and swelling are symptoms in the Epicrisis or peak of healing. The numbness tells me that it was specific to the ‘brutal separation’ Special Biological Program.

Those symptoms tell me that there was just something recently resolved that was of an intense or, as Dr. Hamer would call it a “brutal” conflict involving that finger. The conflict theme is wanting to be separated or having been separated from something. And the left hand, tip of the finger is the critical piece of our investigation!

What was good about that morning before this happened?

Lola: I got called this morning to let me know that I just got a job that will give me a lot of freedom to spend with my family for the first time in my life. I am so happy about it! I love my current job with my lady, but do not like one of my bosses.

Deanna: So that sounds significant, but why that specific finger? What does that left pointer finger have to do with your job or your boss? And it is specific to that part of the finger that went numb, the tip. The stress around the boss maybe?

Lola: I just don’t know,

Narrator: Lola ponders quietly and says I can’t figure it out, so Lola and Deanna start catching up on their friendship when Lola starts to tell this story.

Lola: Oh she drives me crazy in her manic texting… this morning she started again with the texting, this is what she does…she starts with the first text that just says “Lola” then she tells me what I need to do and sends 50 text messages that say the same thing and it is so frustrating I just want to throw my phone!

Narrator, Lola stops in mid sentence.

Lola: That’s it! This morning, I was so mad at her, I was pissed right the F*** off! I. I am right handed and I thought I never used my left to text, but this morning I clearly did. I remember I hit it on the screen with my left pointer finger.

Deanna: Well that certainly is intense, you Cleary want her out of your life, the time line would be appropriate, all the symptoms were in order, oh except for

Narrator: Deanna loves this question

Deanna: Did you have a little nap after this all happened?

Lola: oh I had to work all day, but that night I do remember sleeping better than I have in a long time!

Deanna: Perfect a perfectly and complete Special Biological Program! Well done Lola, this is the third pretty intense healing program you have gone through since knowing German New Medicine.

Now the important thing to understand that if the swollen finger happens again, be very aware of it right away and reframe the situation and neutralize it by, changing perspective or by putting down the phone, Breathing, walking or any of your mindful techniques


Lola sent me a message saying something like…ok, the toxicity started again, I told her I got the job and would be done in a few weeks and she proceeded to bombard me with texts and my finger started to swell again!!

I shut my ringer off, put my reiki music on and went out for a walk so I wouldn’t focus on her. It worked!”

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