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From Darkness to Dawn

Everything on earth has a vibration. Trees, flowers, rocks, animals and people all have their own personal vibration. Some terms for this concept are Cosmic Vibration, Levels of Consciousness or Emotional Frequencies. With a quick search on the internet you can locate several charts that give more details.

A few years back I had a message printed on the back of my car that said “Stay Above The Line Love/Fear.” At the time I was learning about frequency and vibration and was taught that the goal was to stay above this so called “line.” The scale ranges from zero, complete darkness or some might say “Hell” or “The Underworld,” to the highest vibration of 1000. All feelings have a vibration too. The negative emotions such as jealousy, greed, anger, frustration and fear have a low vibration under 200. Shame is one of the lowest vibrations at a mere 20 and fear is 100 on the scale. “The line” represents the vibration of 200, which I personally find it interesting that 200 is the vibration of courage. Emotions such as love, peace and joy, according the Omega chart at, are all over 500. Enlightenment is a high vibration of 700. Some charts go to 1000. What do you think 1000 represents? I believe that this is the vibration of Source, God, Adonai, Allah, Elohim, Jehovah, or any of the other 78, 100, 365 names of God. I couldn’t get a consistent answer to how many such names, but for me it does not matter; whatever the name, it is the highest vibration. Period.

In 2016, I spent the Adirondack winter months in Florida. I went down for a position to help an elderly man, but on the way down to start this 4 month commitment, the job fell through. It was a bit of a shock, but I quickly adjusted and turned the situation into my Half-Way to 100 Adventure (I was almost 50 years young.)

One evening while riding my bike, I stopped and talked to a homeless woman named Dawn. I listened to her story of how she had been homeless for 3 1/2 years, and how she just got from Pennsylvania to Florida by hitchhiking. She was closing in on her final destination of St. Augustine, a two-hour car ride away. In the 30 minute chat we had, we were interrupted only once by a friendly woman who handed her a twenty dollar bill. Dawn casually folded it up and said “good, this will get me a few days.” She told me her plan for the night, where she could sleep away from the public and security cameras as to not get caught by the cops. She pointed to a spot across the street that would be perfect. I peddled off knowing she had money for food and a plan to sleep under the stars in warm Florida.

Dawn was on my mind all night so in the morning I got in my car and found her hitchhiking. I asked her if she wanted a ride to St. Augustine and you should have seen her face! We went on an adventure together stopping a few places that held natural beauty and at an antique shop just for fun. I listened to more details of her life. I was in awe of her spunk and courageousness to every challenge that came to her.

After our 4 hour adventure, we arrived at our destination. Dawn left the car confident and smiling. I went to the ocean. Her stories and life challenges were on my mind. After about 20 minutes of walking the shore, this phrase ‘remove fear, remove fear’ kept replaying over and over in my mind. With the cool February ocean wind at my back, I headed back to my car still wondering of the deeper meaning of that nagging message. As I got closer to my car every step became more clear. Ahh that’s it! Remove FEAR! One by one I peeled off the letters F…E…A...R... crumpling the yellow salty plastic into one small ball. It felt so good to read the new empowering statement!

Stay Above The Line Love

I thought of my future and the next 50 years and pondered what this newly single, healthy woman could accomplish if only I could remove fear. I stood back and again looked at the message and said out loud, “Boy, I hope removing fear from my life is as easy as pealing off those 4 letters!”

Let's look back to the energy of words and assess those low energy feelings such as the greed, jealousy and the other ‘below the line' emotions. We can now see clearly, they are all based in fear. Fear of what we don’t have; fear of losing something or someone; fear of not being strong enough to get through a situation.

Remember courage which is “the line?” I got curious at why courage is right there at 200. So I went to Webster’s Dictionary for a little guidance:


the ability to do something that frightens one.

Oh how interesting, the first primary positive emotion that shows itself after getting rid of fear is courage... Courage is “The Line.”

I came across this YouTube video that really helped me understand how this world works. Enjoy this 10 minute brief description of 14 of the Universal Laws.

What would our lives start to look like if we all practiced the Universal Laws? As we bring these Laws of the Universe into our life it will force us to be aware of the negative role of fear. It may be as simple as acknowledging asking the question, "what am I afraid of" and taking steps to remove that obstacle. It all starts with awareness. The result? You would raise your own vibration, then make decisions based on what it is your Spirit is desiring (the knowingness inside; that gut feeling.) You would then choose to be in healthy relationships, be in more fulfilling work environments, live in places that you love, be involved in your community. And every time you walk into a room, you couldn’t help but to raise the vibration of everyone in your presence.

Boys and Girls, the days of being a “downer” are over!!! It is simple and can be gentle and slow. Starting from fear to courage, courage to acceptance. Perhaps practicing over the years, to the vibration of Peace ~ JOY ~ and maybe even Enlightenment?

I like words, and recently have started pondering some deeper meanings in some everyday words. Here is my favorite one to summarize this short lesson of vibration and frequency.

Universe Uni~one + Verse~song

One Song

We are all connected through Vibrations

--what if that song is Love?

Love... and Up Your Vibe,

Deanna Courtney

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