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What?!! I had Breast Cancer?


This interaction was a casual conversation in the comfort of a home. This is not intended as diagnosis or treatment. This education is solely based on the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who discovered German New Medicine over 40 years ago. Dr. Hamer's statistics show that when someone knows German New Medicine and understand their symptoms, with proper guidance and support they have a 98% chance of surviving. May you rest in Peace Dr. Hamer--we will continue to do your work! You were a true gift to humanity.

~~~~In Joy!!!

Female friend, while holding her left breast:

Oh my God, my left boob really hurt yesterday! I looked down at my left breast and was a little shocked, and said to myself, “What is going on?” Then it got bigger and bigger, hot and painful throughout the day. In the middle of the night last night, it was so itchy I wanted to tear it off!!!

GNM Practitioner, smiling:

Very interesting. So, would you like to know the “why” behind it?

Female friend:

Well, yes. I was going to go to the doctor today, but I am just so busy I couldn’t take the time!


Divine Intervention.

GNM Practitioner: