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What?!! I had Breast Cancer?


This interaction was a casual conversation in the comfort of a home. This is not intended as diagnosis or treatment. This education is solely based on the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who discovered German New Medicine over 40 years ago. Dr. Hamer's statistics show that when someone knows German New Medicine and understand their symptoms, with proper guidance and support they have a 98% chance of surviving. May you rest in Peace Dr. Hamer--we will continue to do your work! You were a true gift to humanity.

~~~~In Joy!!!

Female friend, while holding her left breast:

Oh my God, my left boob really hurt yesterday! I looked down at my left breast and was a little shocked, and said to myself, “What is going on?” Then it got bigger and bigger, hot and painful throughout the day. In the middle of the night last night, it was so itchy I wanted to tear it off!!!

GNM Practitioner, smiling:

Very interesting. So, would you like to know the “why” behind it?

Female friend:

Well, yes. I was going to go to the doctor today, but I am just so busy I couldn’t take the time!


Divine Intervention.

GNM Practitioner:

Well, based on your symptoms, it seems that you are in the middle of the healing stage of what would be called an Intra-ductal Breast Cancer – congratulations! You’re almost through to the end of the healing stage.

Let me explain why your body is acting like it is. Breasts are made for nurturing, we feed our babies with our breast milk. There are two types of tissue in the breasts supporting this natural life-giving process: the ducts that carry the milk, and the glands that hold the milk. The symptoms that you are having tell me that this process involves your breast ducts. The symptoms that you are having in your breast ducts are caused by what we in German New Medicine understand as an unexpected shock conflict with a theme of “separation”. The what you might call ‘stress’ can be caused by an unexpected separation from someone, feeling as if someone was torn from your breast, or it can be caused by the opposite feeling, such as wanting to get someone off of your breast~out of your life. Women can suffer separation conflict through experiencing unexpected circumstances, including divorce, a break-up with a partner, child, parent or friend, or when a beloved person (or pet) dies. The fear of a separation can activate this separation conflict.


If only you my reader, could see this female friend thinking about this process.

GNM Practitioner:

Okay, first question: Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Female friend, confidently:


GNM Practitioner:

Okay, so for you, because you are right-handed, your left breast corresponds to your “mother-child” side. The “stress” you’ve experienced involves either your mother or your child, or someone that is like a mother or child.Ok. So for you, because you are right handed, your left breast is your “mother-child side.” So this situation involves your mother, a child or someone that is like your mother or child. Here is the other question. And you do not need to tell me, but you need to know the correlation. What has been going on, and has recently been resolved within the last few days, that is about separation like ‘having someone torn from my breast’ OR “wanting to get someone OFF my breast!”.

Right-handed female friend, not skipping a beat:

Ahhh, of course. A few months back, there was this situation with my mom, it was very shocking, and it has been on my mind ever since. [She explains the story of the conflict.]


The GNM Practitioner gets a warm heart seeing her right-handed female friend’s relief and the connection between her left breast issues and her situation with her mother. The practitioner thought further, and inquired.

GNM Practitioner:

Because the symptoms you just experienced are healing symptoms that only show up after you have resolved the conflict, what did you do to finally resolve this conflict after these last few months?

Right-handed female friend:

Well, the other day my mom came over and started in again; I kinda “lost it” and I told her without mincing words how I felt about the whole thing. I cried, I was angry, and after she left, I felt so much better, I decided in my head that it was over. I decided that I will not engage anymore in this conversation, and it truly was over. I remember feeling such a relief.

Lighting crew:

The sun came out!

GNM Practitioner:

That fits the theme of the conflict, and the time line of the resolution. One last question so that we can put all of this together in a beautifully perfect predictable healing program; Before you had the hot, swollen breasts, were you unusually cold for a few days?


The right-handed female friend pauses for a moment, looking surprised, realizing her forgotten symptom added to this interesting puzzle.

Right-handed female friend:

Yes, I was cold for about three days, I didn’t know what was going on~I just could not get warmed up.

GNM Practitioner:

So, my friend, you have experienced a natural 2-phase healing process, which started with the unexpected shock of the conflict with your mother. During this first phase, there were not many symptoms other than constantly thinking about the conflict – many nights waking up in the middle of the night with the conflict on your mind. Then, when you resolved the conflict, the second phase is the healing phase began. It starts with an immediate sense of relief, better sleep at night, then a few “cold days,” followed by a sudden swollen, hot and painful breast, with pinching/burning pain, followed by an itchy breast ending with a really tired day with only one more itchy period.

How beautiful – it seems that you have successfully completed an intra-ductal left breast cancer, which was caused by the unexpected shock that involved your mother.

One of the benefits of this of what we call a Biological Program is that you are now in a better position to handle any future situations similar to this, on the psyche, brain and organ level! Congratulations!

Right-handed female friend:

Thank you, you are such a positive light!


I think this conversation Upped Her Vibe! For more information on this GNM Practitioner please go to She can help you know where to start to begin an empowered Life to simplify health and healing and have some Spiritual Fun.

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