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The Mystery of Mister

Meet Mister.

This is Mister

I have known Mister for nearly 11 years. Rescued from a cat shelter, his unique strong and calm personality worked well for our family. I worked mostly from home so he was always around but not needy. He often went outside and loved it, and sometimes stayed out all night. He had great outdoor skills and was a great mouser. Many a morning my bare feet discovered one of his catches, as he was very proud to prove his skills.

One day I caught him crouching beneath the low limbs of a row of young hemlock trees beside our house~not taking his eyes off the subject. I peeked around the corner of the house and there was a full grown deer. When Mister finally reached his target area, he gave a big leap! The shocked deer bounded 30 feet back on our trail gave a great blow. I think the deer was confirming that Mister was truly in charge of this territory!

Mister greeted all the people that came into the house, hopping up onto the laps that were welcoming but respecting those that did not care for cats. There were many common comments about him: “if you ever need a home for Mister, let me know.”, or “this is the most unique cat I have ever met.”, or “Mister is really cool and I don’t usually like cats.”