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The Mystery of Mister

Meet Mister.

This is Mister

I have known Mister for nearly 11 years. Rescued from a cat shelter, his unique strong and calm personality worked well for our family. I worked mostly from home so he was always around but not needy. He often went outside and loved it, and sometimes stayed out all night. He had great outdoor skills and was a great mouser. Many a morning my bare feet discovered one of his catches, as he was very proud to prove his skills.

One day I caught him crouching beneath the low limbs of a row of young hemlock trees beside our house~not taking his eyes off the subject. I peeked around the corner of the house and there was a full grown deer. When Mister finally reached his target area, he gave a big leap! The shocked deer bounded 30 feet back on our trail gave a great blow. I think the deer was confirming that Mister was truly in charge of this territory!

Mister greeted all the people that came into the house, hopping up onto the laps that were welcoming but respecting those that did not care for cats. There were many common comments about him: “if you ever need a home for Mister, let me know.”, or “this is the most unique cat I have ever met.”, or “Mister is really cool and I don’t usually like cats.”

Mister had very good manners and never got up on the counters. He did, however, lose his senses when my healing tools were around. One day I came into the kitchen and there he was… up in the window sill (which he had never been on), right next to a cool pyramid that I had just brought home.

Another time I left my Biogenesis tool case open on top of the counter and there he was~ lying right smack dab in the middle of it. One of my customers who came each week for a light therapy session loved it when Mister cozied up on his lap for this 20 minute “lite nap!”

When we had just learned about German New Medicine and was seeing how it played out in our lives, Mister came in one morning with two open wounds on his left leg. After a brief investigation, it was determined that he had gotten in a battle with a raccoon. I was trying to do the right thing as a pet owner, yet respect his knowingness on how to heal his own body. This is the main principle of German New Medicine: Let the body heal and very rarely do you have to intervene. He was licking his wound and we have been taught that animals are not supposed to do that. Look at what I did to him on and off for about 6 weeks.

I put the collar of shame on him; purchased baby clothes and altered them to cover his wounds. Many times I got him set up in the morning only to see him that afternoon proudly coming in from the outside with no outfit on. I never found all of them, but I remember one batman shirt discarded in the center of the garden.

After a month or so of this, I was convinced that we needed to really intervene because his wounds did not seem to be healing, so I brought him to the vet. She did surgery, scraped his bacteria out, sewed him up, and wrapped up his leg tight. It only took a a day to see how uncomfortable this was for Mister. I brought him to the picnic table outside and he sat patiently as I cut off the tight wrapping. When it was peeled off, the stink was beyond what I had ever encountered (talk about a stink conflict!) Some of the healthy fur around the wound seemed to be rotting off. I had had enough. I looked at him, held him gently and said, “I am so sorry Mister, for what we have put you through. I’m done interfering! You know how to heal you, I trust you to do that.”

I did put some of my “healing modalities” out to see how he would react. One day, I turned on my Avalon light therapy system and left the three pads on the stool near where he was lying. I then verbally invited him onto them if he wanted. He got up and laid upon them. Over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, I watched while he licked it here and there and it was open then closed getting smaller and smaller over time. One day, it was just fur covered with no noticeable scar. I was amazed, and it solidified my belief in German New Medicine. It taught me that animals know! They intuitively know when they need to eat, hide, sleep, sneeze, lick, etc. Mister taught me that with such grace and patience!

This past summer, while I was away for a few nights, Mister disappeared. In my gut I was not afraid, but the human in me and all those that grew to love him wanted answers. Was he hit by a car? I made my calls to appropriate resources...nothing. Did he just walk too far, or was chased too far and lost his bearings? We drove around the neighborhood, talked to people in their backyards, posted his picture on Facebook and puplic billboards> it was beautiful to see how the community rallied to find him. But no Mister. My instinct told me that someone picked him up because he seemed to be lost.

Mister was quite an actor you know! On many occasions I heard him cry so pitifully from my upstairs apartment, only to look out to witness someone stop and say, “oh poor kitty, are you hungry? Are you lost?” Meanwhile, I am shaking my head knowing this cat is just milking it!!! “Oh Mister, you are good!”

Six months later, I discovered that my old friend, Sandra Mendelson, from the “light therapy” world, had written a book, We Walk Beside You~Animal Messages for an Awakening World. I was proud for my friend and curious about the topic of communicating with animals, so had to purchase it right away. On the first morning, I read a third of the book and was so thoroughly inspired that I searched my contacts for her number and was excited that I not onlyy had it but that she answered. I told her what the animals said just makes so much sense. For me, it pulled so much together… intuition, spirituality, God, German New Medicine, meditation, joy, etc. In that hour long conversation, I also told her about Mister. I asked if she had the ability to communicate with animals that are lost. She said, “finding lost animals is not my greatest strength, but I can give you a list of some Animal Communicators who specialize in that.”

The following day we had an appointment to talk again. As the conversation turned again to Mister, she got a quick “hit” of a male cat and asked, “Does he have a sense of humor?” I laughed and said, “I’m not sure what that would look like in a cat.” We giggled and she was pretty confident this was him, so we agreed that she would try tuning in. She asked for a picture and a couple of days to “not rush and just let the channeling flow.”

As it turns out, Mister was not lost at all. I was really excited the next morning to hear that he did indeed come through in the early morning hours. Here is the exact communication that Sandra shared with me:


I am fine. It was time. I was needed elsewhere so I went on a walkabout.

I let the children find me because I came to be their teacher – teaching them how to love and care for another being. I let them find (aka “rescue”) me.

Am I far? What’s far? (he shows me row houses including a brick one)

Yes, it is cold now.

The food isn’t great because the money is tight but I catch more.

In ways, it’s a tougher path, but I chose it; the love makes up for it.

They changed my name {note: I couldn’t get the new name]….none of it matters when you’re doing the work.



I can’t express just what emotions were raised in me. But, have you ever cried so hard that you sob that deep and rhythmical diaphragmatic sob? Right to the core? Well that is what ensued for a good 15 minutes. When I was finished, there was at peace. I also felt pride for Mister! And, I felt I understood him and his personality better.

As I was sharing this story with my son, he said “so are you going to go find him?” My response was pretty quick, “If I ever can find out where he is, I will go by and see him outside. He will come up to me and of course I will pick him up.” Then I’ll say to the kids,“tell me about your cat? What’s his name?”

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