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Another UpYourVibe Story

Woman (lets call her Lola) calls me up in Early August of 2015:

LOLA: I have these two raised clear moles that just showed up on the outside of my left lower leg about 4 inches apart.

DEANNA: Oh, interesting!!! Do you want to know the German New Medicine perspective?

LOLA: Well, yes!

Deanna: What recently hit you exactly there in each of those two spots?

LOLA: Hmmmm…(after a minute or so) I can’t think of anything.

DEANNA: …something gross, or hurtful, being attacked by something…two items hitting you right there at the same time or around the same time.

LOLA: Nothing is coming to mind.

DEANNA: Ok, are you right handed or left.

LOLA: Right handed

DEANNA: What's going on with your mother or a child? Did either one have something that hit them right there recently.

LOLA being over the top in shock, “NO WAYYYY! (a shock pause) THERE IS NO WAY!!!

DEANNA (giggling): So what is the story?

LOLA: Last week my daughter was having a home water birth and I was right there next to the tub on her right side near her lower legs. She had started pushing, when all of a sudden two pieces of poop came out and started going toward her right leg. I had an immediate “Oh shit!” and two pieces hit her leg in two spots right before the birthing assistant could scoop them out.

DEANNA: WOW! That makes sense!

LOLA: But the poop hit her right leg. Why are mine on my left leg?

DEANNA: Because you are her mom…you are right handed and you experienced the shock of "being atttacked" for your daughter. Your left side is the side that relates to your children.

LOLA (flabbergasted): SO you’re telling me that I got two moles on my leg because my daughter had poop hitting her leg.

DEANNA( laughing): Yeah, you can’t make that shit up can you!?

​LOLA: So now what do I do?

DEANNA: You are in Conflict Active right now, your psyche thinks you were attacked and need extra cells there just in case this happens again you will be protected. So it’s hard to know what your psyche needs to ‘feel safe,’ so let’s have this conversation now.

Do you suspect that your daughter is going to be getting hit with poop in the future or do you think this was really just a one time thing.

LOLA laughing: No I think it was a one time thing, this was her second child and she is done having children!

DEANNA: You can tell your body/psyche that there is no need for extra cells to cushion the blow for any more poop attacks. So let your psyche know that you are safe and the moles can just fall off! It will take a bit of time, but they will fall off leaving a little brown spot behind.

POST Note, Three years later I finally got a picture and got this story from Lola that on April 28, 2016 the second mole fell off. Actually Lola confessed that she had been using some self healing tools and a topical and finally picked off the lower one. When all was healed the two brown spots were left behind.

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