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Another UpYourVibe Story

Woman (lets call her Lola) calls me up in Early August of 2015:

LOLA: I have these two raised clear moles that just showed up on the outside of my left lower leg about 4 inches apart.

DEANNA: Oh, interesting!!! Do you want to know the German New Medicine perspective?

LOLA: Well, yes!

Deanna: What recently hit you exactly there in each of those two spots?

LOLA: Hmmmm…(after a minute or so) I can’t think of anything.

DEANNA: …something gross, or hurtful, being attacked by something…two items hitting you right there at the same time or around the same time.

LOLA: Nothing is coming to mind.

DEANNA: Ok, are you right handed or left.

LOLA: Right handed

DEANNA: What's going on with your mother or a child? Did either one have something that hit them right there recently.

LOLA being over the top in shock,