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What comes first a healthy home
or a happy home? I believe you can't have one without the other...
Being a parent has huge challenges. I remember when my child had chronic asthma and I for years I didn't know what was going on?
The fear, frustration, financial burdens.

Ugh... my heart hurts thinking of that time.
If only I had know what I known what I know
Listen to my story and let me help your family.


The Old Model:

Creating stress for our little ones!

No more need to poke and prod...
No more need to alter diets...
No more need to enforce treatments or medications...


The New Model Reveals:

Symptoms are our guides.

Symptoms inform us of vital insights.
Symptoms unveil the stressors in your child's life.
Symptoms illuminate their healing journey.

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I can say that when working with Deanna, and my symptoms: Firstly made me aware of my anger in general. Then, the awareness alone was impactful in my interactions with my young kids. Initially I would get upset then feel terrible. Then with more awareness, I was able to catch myself & laugh it off before it became an event. There are still moments where I obviously get angry but it’s completely different now & I don’t fly off the handle anymore. It’s totally reasonable & matches the crime.
             RCBC Father - RMT (or registered massage therapists- Vancouver Island

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