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What comes first a healthy home
or a happy home? I believe you can't have one without the other...
Being a parent has huge challenges. I remember when my child had chronic asthma and for years I didn't know what was going on?
The fear, frustration, financial burdens.

Ugh... my heart hurts thinking of that time.
If only I had know what I known what I know
Listen to this story, and you will start to understand how i can help you & your family.

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17 mar

Hi Deanna,,

I really enjoyed the zoom meeting today ever expanding my knowledge of GNM. It's vitally Important to our healing when we have the support of like minded people.

So very grateful!


10 mar

I tried joining today, but the zoom link just kept spinning. I was thinking to get in touch with you for that first session 90 min session.


Nadine Shende


I just found this from the husband of a woman i was working with

"Hi Deanna,

She had a very good day today!!

No issues at all. The bad days are getting less and less. This is the first time in a few years I think she is getting better. I’m not sure what German medicine is but it’s working. 

I wish she had met you a year earlier. 

I was skeptical at first there has been twenty five people before you. Tens of Thousands of dollars lost. I had no trust. You are a wonderful person. You have allot of patience. She may need your help for a while yet.”

Have a nice weekend,

Many Thanks, Larry (husband of client)


29 dic 2023

Thank you for holding my hand while my cat Twister went through a very intense healing of an 'indigestible morsel' conflict! I know the basics of GNM, but when your fur baby is in pain, it's still disconcerting! Having your support to help me stay grounded in this knowledge was invaluable! Thank you, Deanna!!!! ~ Lisa Warner :-)


I have been applying this Knowledge since 2012. Each time I have a symptom, in a short period of time i can understand what is going on and then navigate the predictable symptoms with simple strategies and great confidence. My usual comment is "Thank you body--Lets do this!"

In all the information I have gained in my lifetime, I would say this GNM/Germanic Healing Knowledge is in one of the top two positions. (During a session or a tribe call, you can ask me what is the other.)

Until then: start witnessing the basic principles in you and others:

(fairwarning!!! Once you see this you can't unsee it! ) 1. When you wake up in the middle of night and can't go back to sleep--get up and resolve what is on your mind!!!

2. When a stress is over most often you will get a symptom.

2. After the symptom(s) is/are over you WILL BE TIRED!!!!

3. If you have a long stressor, the symptoms will be intense and tiredness with be 'fatigue" and long.


Thank your body & Trust Your Body!!! Deanna~ Way Upstate NY


The Fear Based Old Model

"You are broken!" 

poke and prod...
change diets...
enforce treatments or medications...

conflicting theories create confusion...

Create more stress, fears & sleepless nights...


The Empowering New Model

"You are amazing and perfectly adapting!"

Symptoms are our guides.

Symptoms unveil the stressors experienced.

Once one symptom shows up, the next ones are predictable 

Most often symptoms are signs of healing.

















Need more: Read some of these stories


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I can say that when working with Deanna, and my symptoms: Firstly made me aware of my anger in general. Then, the awareness alone was impactful in my interactions with my young kids. Initially I would get upset then feel terrible. Then with more awareness, I was able to catch myself & laugh it off before it became an event. There are still moments where I obviously get angry but it’s completely different now & I don’t fly off the handle anymore. It’s totally reasonable & matches the crime.
             RCBC Father - RMT (or registered massage therapists- Vancouver Island

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