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Do you suffer with Pain?

Let us understand the process...

Pain Starts because it is 


A natural process of healing


from an injury or a surgery or treatment

Pain continues because...


You unknowingly interrupt the "rest & rebuild" phase of healing


You are caught in a Pain cycle!

Where is Your Pain?
What type of pain?

Pinching pain,   Stabbing pain,   Burning pain,   Stretching pain,   Nerve pain


Which ever the reason... which ever the cause

I can help~ I am sure of it! 

Story: (Lou) came in to see me because of having pain in his abdomen for over a year since a snowmobile accident. His pain was sharp and usually a pain scale of "7." I did a quick assessment for hydration~he was a bit dehydrated. We discussed the importance of that proper water and minerals.  I suggested a "light" session and did a little zero point energy session with him at the same time. 30 minutes later, the pain was gone. He came back after a few days and we did the session again.

Lou never had the same pain in his abdomen ever again.  

2 am Tuesday morning,  I stubbed my toe on a 10 pound weight left in the middle of the floor. It hit so hard it burst the skin and blood came out. I did nothing that night only to stop the bleeding. The next day I had to put on my steel toe work boots and go to work. That 10 day I was on my hands and knees putting flooring, which means my toes bent during this process. Let's just say it was a long painful day. I immediately took my boots off in the truck for a ride home and hobbled into the house. My pain was a '9!' I had just gotten the Zero point energy tool and decided to see just how it worked. I taped it onto my foot over night and in the morning got out of bed ~ no pain. I was a bit confused and shocked! I stood up on my pain (see green carpet picture below) I put my boots on as normal, no swelling! I worked the rest of the week with no pain!   Saturday I took a picture of the toe and was amazed!!! (see picture on blue) 

  Ed...Tupper Lake, NY      



What would it be worth to be pain-free!














*After an initial brief consult, I may choose to work with you or not. I will invest in you and expect the same effort.     I believe that all people are good, honest and keep up their side of the bargain. 

I believe this is the way! 


Mary has had nerve pain for 10 years since a surgery

She has exhausted all the medical community!

She says if I could get relief, that means $________ to me.

Phone consult, it takes up to an hour. I understand the time line, the symptoms, her mindset and understand any fears or spiritual beliefs about healing.  I give her a verbal description of the first session which will be onsite. She agrees she feels this is right! We set appointment!

First visit onsite:  Rate the pain ____, A talk of the power of the mind,  she samples a " light" session at the same time I uses some "energy tools" during a 30 minute session. Rate her pain again.. down ____ Pay's what she things is appropriate...

Next day follow up: how the pain is holding?

Next step is either on phone consult or in person depending on results...

this process goes on as long as we are willing, positive and able. 

Unique offer for Locals

(or those who may be able to have a longer healing vacation in the Adirondacks)

  • You set the rate.

  • I create & send you a plan.

  • You accept the plan.

  • We agree and start.

  • You pay according to what degree relief you get!

I Have Pain and I Am Ready!

You will hear back from me within 48 hours.

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