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The foundation of health is to understand the natural process of healing. 

Remove Fear

Understand Healing

"The patient is the boss."
Dr. Hamer



"hit" to the brain-Conflict active

Let me introduce you to German New Medicine ~ discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer


Dr. Hamer's Story in brief:

In the early 1970's, Dr. Hamer received a shocking call that his son Dirk had been shot. A few months later, Dirk succumbed to his injuries.  Shortly after loosing his son, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Since he had never been seriously ill, he wondered if there was a correlation between the loss of his son and the cancer.  Doctor Hamer was working in the oncology (Cancer) unit at a German hospital at the time and started interviewing the patients to see what was going on in their lives at the time of their diagnosis. He realized that each and every one had some kind of "trauma or stress" (aka~ "unexpected shock." Dr. Hamer had a theory that all body organs are controlled by the brain, so ordered brain scans of each patient, (which was new technology at the time.) What he discovered is that each patient with the same type of cancer (symptom), had the same themed 'conflict shock' and had some unique action in a specific area of the brain.  This is what is different from all the other theories of disease. In 100 percent of people that have a particular type of cancer (symptom), there is specific unusual activity in one particular part of the brain~100%. This is a brain scan. This brain 'relay' (surrounded by the arrows) is controlling a specific organ! This is what happens at the moment of an unexpected shock! The "hit"










When looking at the medical history of the patient, the brain scan and listening to their personal stories, he saw the clear correlations.  Over the course of 40 years of research, he mapped out the Psyche/Brain/Body connection.  He discovered the 5 Biological Laws of Healing and confirmed his findings of these simple healing processes while he worked with over 40,000 patients. Dr. Hamer had a 92% success rate. (For full biography, please go to this trusted site:

Dr. Hamer has been put under much scrutiny.

Even through his 12 assassination attempts he continued his mission until his death in July of 2017. May he rest in Peace!

This link shows some very powerful proof of his amazing work and the Psyche/Brain/Body connection!​







Rash ~ separation conflict 

sore throat ~ I can't swallow this (a short conflict)

strep throat ~ I can't swallow this (an intense or long conflict)

a sneeze ~ scent or stink conflict 

snotty nose ~ scent or stink conflict (a short conflict)

sinus infection ~ scent or stink conflict (an intense or long conflict)

Bronchitis ~ scare/fright or fear in the territory 

Intraductal Breast Cancer ~ Separation having someone torn from my breast or wanting someone off my breast

Lobular Breast Cancer ~ Worry or Argument conflict

Lung Cancer ~ death fright (can happen because of a shocking diagnosis!)

Bone Cancer ~ severe self-devaluation



Healing symptoms are not always fun.  When you know German New Medicine, you start your healing journey with the foundation of knowing your body is not 'diseased' but is going thru a natural (biological) process of healing.   With this knowledge, your healing journey becomes empowered, mostly because symptoms are predictable.   Goodbye, the days of fear!  Along with this knowledge, we help you understand the importance of having support, or what we call your 'Pack' so you never feel alone!

~ You are not alone.

~ You make the decisions with support and guidance.

~ Heal with knowingness and with confidence!


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