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Welcome to Up Your Vibe!!! 
I am so happy you attended our 1st Annual GNM Summit
This page offers you a few extra skin stories that I had in my presentation but did not get to.
I bet you will visualize the GNM compass and really understand the Shock, Resolve and Epicrisis
 In Joy!

More Skin Stories

Oh, Sh**!!!

Deanna gets a call from a “Gramma friend.” 

Gramma: I have two new raised, pinkish moles on my left leg.  What does that mean according to German New Medicine?

Deanna: It sounds like some sort of attack/soiled conflict. What hit you exactly there that was gross.

Gramma, after some silence...Nothing that I can think of.

Deanna: This is about being attacked by something and feeling soiled at the same time; something is thrown at you and hit you right there where those two moles are? Something painful, stingy, shocking… Poop, bugs, splatters, hits. If you are just seeing the moles, then it would not have been very long ago, maybe in the last month or so? The exact location is critical in thinking about this.

Gramma is silent for a bit… “NO WAY!”


Gramma: My daughter was having her second home birth and I was right there with her again. I was next to the tub, near her legs and feet when she started pushing the baby out. All of a sudden two pieces of poop came out. I was shocked, I did not expect it because nothing like that had happened the first time. It happened so quickly it was going toward her right leg and it hit her leg in two spots before the Doula could scoop them out. I was frazzled momentarily!

Gramma seems confused and continues...What I don’t understand is that the poop hit her right leg. She does not have any moles, but I do. But mine are on my left leg. Why is that?



Deanna: Because you are her mom and I assume you are right-handed, correct?

Gramma: Yes

Deanna:  You experienced the shock for your daughter. Your left side is the side that relates to your children. 

Gramma tries to comprehend: So you are telling me that I got two moles because my daughter had poop hitting her leg. 

Deanna laughs: Yes, You can’t make this stuff up can we?

We had a good laugh.

AFTER STORY: Both growths removed themselves. Well, the truth is that Gramma lost patience so picked at one until it bled and she got it out. There is just a little brown pigment is left behind!

The Sneeze:

An epicrisis of a "stink conflict"

There was a situation that 'stunk' or you got a whiff of something that was not pleasant. 

...a funny new reply

"Pardon me for my epicrisis!" :)~ Deanna

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