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Brain Stem Conflicts--cell proliferation (tumor growth in conflict active)

MICROBES in Healing Phase B: Mycobacteria, fungi, TB

Morsel conflicts  (many sub-categories)
Food morsel
Visual morsel
Hearing morsel
Death fright/panic
Unbearable stress
Starvation conflict
Anger conflict
Profound loss
Ugly half genital conflict (with male)
Loss conflict
Existence conflict
Ugly conflict (shit conflict)
Conflict of not being able to produce enough vaginal mucus for sexual intercourse
Conflict of not being able to penetrate a tight or dry vagina

Mid Brain yellow with orange

Morsel conflicts involving muscles
about food
keeping a fetus in the uterus

MESODERM (orange with yellow)
CEREBELLUM -MICROBES: Micro bacteria, fungi, TB

  1. Attack conflicts (integrity)

  2. Unwanted Touch conflicts

  3. Worry or arguments

  4. An attack against the chest/heart/abdomen

  5. ugly abdomen conflict

  6. feeling soiled, integrity, disfigured

  7. the skin dries out conflict


Microbes in Healing Phase A: Bacteria

Self Devaluations=I am less than, something is not right with a part of me, I am not perfect, I’m too big, I’m too small, I’m not fast enough, I’m stuck…, I’m off balance, Stupid, ugly...
Light affecting lymph/cartilage/tendon

Severe affecting bone

intellectual-not smart enough
bite conflicts
not supported
sexual performance
can’t hold a person
ball and chain

Thrown off course
Overwhelmed conflict
Territorial marking
Water or Liquid conflicts

Microbes-Virus’ if they exist
Frontal fear conflict
Fear from behind

TEMPORAL LOBE- Left.                                            TEMPORAL LOBE- Right 
scare/Fright                                                                territorial fear         

identity conflict                                                         territorial Anger
sexual conflicts.                                                         territorial loss
marking conflicts                                                       territorial marking (boundaries)

Brutal Separation Conflicts
“Torn from my breast”
Mouth or tongue conflict
Nose conflict
Stink conflicts 
Bite conflicts
Unable, unwilling or not allowed to eat
Not wanting to be seen
Powerless conflict
Fear Fright Conflict/not being able to speak


THESE FOLLOWING CONFLICTS HAVE loss of function on the organ level (no ulcers)

Complete self-abandonment (I wish I were dead)
Resistance conflict
Can’t escape or follow or defend oneself
Conflict of having “lost ones face” or made a fool of
Hearing conflict
Falling conflict
Smell conflict

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