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Drill & Fill My Cavity? No thankyou, my body does that!

Narrator: Deanna and her old friend Robert are chatting on the phone. Robert is getting familiar with German New Medicine through a few of his recent symptoms.

Robert: Well I gotta go now because I’m going to the dentist.

Deanna: Ok…just a gentle FYI, if you get any diagnosis while at the dentist, just call me and we can take the GNM approach to make sense of it! Even if they offer to fix it right there, I would encourage you to NOT do anything rash. You can always decide after!

Robert: Ok I will but I doubt they will find anything, I have great teeth, I eat right and brush…I’m all good—just going for a good cleaning!

An hour later:

Robert calls back: I HAVE A CAVITY!!! It’s going to cost me nearly $2000 to get it fixed. It is on a crowned tooth and they have to take the crown off and drill the cavity, then fill it and then make a new cap and set the cap back on.

Deanna: Do you want to do that?

Robert: Well not if I don’t have to!

Deanna: OK, then let’s break it down GNM style…what side of the mouth?

Robert: My left!

Deanna: Ok, so you are right handed, correct?

Robert: Yes I am right handed

Deanna: The conflict involves mother or child or a person who is like a mother or a child. And what did the dentist say about what it looked like?

Robert: It’s a molar…small cavity. I saw it on the x-ray.

Narrator: Deanna remembers talking to Robert during this stressful time and thinks she knows the cause, but as a practitioner of German New Medicine, she is trained to just ask the questions and should not plant seeds.

Deanna: Deanna: What stress is going on or maybe just got over involving mother or a child or someone who is/was like a mother or a child? Any jobs, relationships, passions?

Robert: Well, relationship-nothing, children-nothing I don’t have any, I remember you telling me about animals being “like a child” I don’t have any animals, job…hmm?

Narrator: all of a sudden there is an abrupt pause followed by a very animated….

Robert…OHHHHHhhh, yup, this might be it! I loved my job that got over about a month ago, but the last few weeks of the job it was making me nuts! We had this 20 something employee. She was acting like a child, causing problems and disrespecting senior staff members. She was acting entitled like she knew it all when she didn’t have experience in the arena. We were so close to finishing the project and I needed them to step up and finish the job but I remember just wanting to say them and to finish the job BUT I needed to be very careful because of potential legal problems- so I swallowed my true opinion and managed them accordingly.

Deanna: Well, that sounds like that could be it. The Biological Conflict of a Molar on the left side for a right Handed male is a bite conflict. Here is the language from the learninggnm website specifically about the dentin of the tooth.

“The Biological conflict linked to the dentin is not being able to bite, either literally (being unable or having difficulties manipulating food) or figuratively, in the sense of not being able to “bite” or “snap” an opponent, because the individual is in a weaker position.”

Deanna continues: It sounds like you could not “grind them and spit them out” which is what the purpose of the molars are!!! Now we have to figure out what stage of healing you are in. Did you have any pain in the tooth?

Robert: No. I can’t have pain because it is a tooth that has had a root canal.

Deanna: Ok! So, we need to determine if the conflict is over? Do you think you will ever see this ‘childlike’ employee ever again?

Robert: Absolutely not! I knew the last day was GOOD BYE-she will never bring that behavior into my work environment again.

Deanna:. My guess is that this conflict is resolved and the cavity is past the peak of healing. It will finish its healing phase and by the next time you go to the dentist it won’t be there as a cavity but with some calcification on it which they may or may not pick up on. You still do of course have the choice to pay $2000 to have it removed!

Robert: hmm… well I’m willing to wait it out and trust my body, then maybe I’ll go to Porto Rico instead!

UPDATE: 6 months later, Robert goes to the dentist again for his cleaning and sends me a message: “Just got back from the dentist. They didn’t say a word about the tooth~looks like I’m off to Puerto Rico!!”

Start studying GNM now, so you can understand your body better and save money in the future!

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