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You are open to learning a new understanding of the disease process?  With me, you will learn the cause, the purpose, and the phases of healing. 
I am ready to teach you
how amazing your body works!
"Pain levels very low. Feeling much more positive."
PP ~ New York
(11 years of chronic pain after 1 customized session.)

How I saved $400



Right now if I went to my dentist, he would say..." oh you have two cavities! We have to fill them--that will be $400-$500?"

But I know German New Medicine...

~I know that when there is a pain in the tooth, that is the peak of healing after a conflict involving "not being able to bite back" has been resolved.

~I know what job I just got done! I have confidence that this is only a  temporary symptom and the pain is actually the "cavity" healing itself.  The pain should slowly subside in another 24 hours or so, as my body moves through this healing phase B and completes this natural healing process.

~While I move through this I will tell my body it's doing great, swish with coconut oil with added essential oils and use some zero-point energy tools. I do not have to do these three additions, but it feels good! Dr. Hamer says "entertain the patient as the patient heals."

 So that is me, entertaining me! :)  


Saving money is just another benefit of learning German New Medicine! Thank you body, YOU ARE AMAZING and I am never afraid of your symptoms! (I may not like them) but I know you are always doing the right thing!  Deanna


This story went exactly as described; the pain subsided within a day with no other symptoms. Yippee! And I know the conflict involved in this situation!

Deanna is ready to listen...
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